Dream chaser

Since I was a little girl I could´t stop dreaming about all the things I want to have and to achieve….. I´m 24 years old now and I am still dreaming and creating a new ´´bucket list´´ everyday. Some say that dreaming is pointless and I should focus on what´s in front of me now instead of thinking what else is out there in the world that I need to make me feel more happy and excited about life.

To tell the truth, I strongly believe in the power of dreams and I have a reason to. Many of my dreams and wishes have been granted, maybe not exactly when I wanted or in a form that I wanted, but they have come true.

For example, this one time I walked past the port and saw a group of men in suits having dinner on a fancy yacht. That image got stuck in my mind and I thought ´´Wow, I want to have dinner on a yacht too´´. And I started thinking about how amazing it would be and how much I would enjoy it. Guess what happened one month later – I was sailing around Croatia in a nice yacht and having not just dinner, but breakfast and lunch made by a great chef for nearly a week. It was an incredible experience and it is is just one of the many examples which I will share with you in my other posts.

img_0136(Lunch with the view)

Buddha has said that ´´All that we are is a result of what we have thought.´´, therefore I want to encourage you all to take a few minutes of your day today to think of something that you would love to happen and to believe that it will.

Best wishes,
Dream Chaser


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